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BioSal test centre in Bad Lausick, Germany, has been extended

BioSal test centre in Bad Lausick, Germany, has been extended

Because of the permanent use to capacity with long-term orders and projects the BioSal test centre has been extended by two dynamic waste processing test plants.

With the aerob BioSal DYN plants especially problematic wastes and hardly decomposable substances can be treated besides the standard input materials as biological wastes or sewage sludge.

Among others, projects concerning the biological degradation of oil sludges, the production of fertilizers, the processing of fish offals and residuals, and for the biological treatment of household wastes have been realised.

New projects planned are - among others - the anaerob fermentation of solid wastes and the sanitisation of fresh and waste materials of animal origin by using the continuous dynamic BioSal DYN method in accordance with the sanitisation regulations of the EU-Regulation (EG) No. 1774/2002.

Customer test orders can already be carried out from about 100 litres of input material in the BioSal test centre in Bad Lausick. The tests are always done with focus on the following use in practice.

Altogether there are 6 BioSal DYN plants in sizes between 0.5 to 20 m useable volume available for the experiments.

Prospective users from the fields of waste management, research, science, and others can contact us at:

contact: BioSal Testzentrum

BioSal Anlagenbau GmbH

An den Angerwiesen 6

D-04651 Bad Lausick

Tel.: ++49 34345 25151

Fax: ++49 34345 25153

Internet: www.biosal.de

e-mail: testzentrum@biosal.de

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