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October 2004

Successful mounting of ventilation systems by the BioSal mounting
team near waste bunkers for a large-scale project in Bochum, Germany.
Picture: BioSal mounting

BioSal Montage kl

September 2004

Ex-factory completion of the first 5 biofilter containers for a waste
diversion plant in the Ruhrgebiet (Germany).
Picture: BioSal Biofilter

BioSal Biofilter kl

31. August 2004

BioSal exposed up-to-date research and development projects during
the AIF - Innovationstag (exhibition) in Berlin. Special thanks go out to
the many visitors and prospects from the fields of research and science,
who want to use the BioSal performances in the field of pilot plant
manufacturing as well as machine patterns in the future.


August 2004

In cooperation with the sales partner MICLO International (France)
sewage sludge is successfully treated aerobically in a BioSal-DYN 20
plant (intensive rotting) in the west of Poland.
BioSal-DYN in Poland

BioSal DYN Polen kl

July 2004

BioSal manufactures biofilter containers in series production in 2
modern workshops in Bad Lausick, Germany. They are made – among
others – for waste treatment plants. (Biofilter containers - Made in
picture: production

BioSal Fertigung kl

June / July 2004

BioSal successfully carried out a servicing order for a storey-biofilter at
a biowaste composting facility near Hamburg, Germany. Within the
scope of this order, a filter material exchange of 600m³ biofilter
material was done by the BioSal service team.
picture: Filter material exchange

Filtermaterialwechsel kl

27 March 2003

On 27 March 2003 a delegation of 11 people from the chinese province Jiangsu, headed by the representative minister of environment Zhao Ting of the Jiangsu province, visited the BioSal testing centre.

The province Jiangsu has an area of 100,260 km² and about 72 million inhabitants. It is one of the economically best developed provinces of China. Apart from a detailed visit at the testing centre and the BioSal plant technology questions concerning a licensing for China and an on-site production  of the BioSal waste treatment plants for the Cinese market were discussed in an interesting conversation.


Delegation from Jiangsu (third from the right is the representative minister for environment Zhao Ting)

11 – 14 March 2003

Successful participation in the Terra Tec 2003 trade fair in Leipzig. Many thanks to all visitors of our exhibition stand and for the interesting professional conversations.

13 March 2003

At the KONTAKT trade fair 2003 in Leipzig professional conversations with interested parties from Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Germany took place.

7 March 2003

An international delegation which was invited by the city of Leipzig visited the company BioSal Anlagenbau GmbH and visited the BioSal testing center with big interest. The delegation consisted of representatives from authorities, communities and consulting companies from the new joining EU countries like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, and Estonia. There was particular interest in the BioSal DYN waste treatment technology.

February 2003

BioSal takes part in the MEETing 2003 in Leipzig from 13 – 14 March. The objective is finding new domestic and foreign sales partners and licensees for the dynamical waste treatment method BioSal-DYN.

January 2003

Within the scope of the project ”secondary resource park” a delegation from Hungary visited the BioSal testing centre. There was particular interest in the BioSal-DYN composting technology.

January 2003

New BioSal DYN Patents for France, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, USA, China, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

December 2002

New 2 BioSal DYN plants for the BioSal test center

September 2002

Project for a composting from fish waste with the BioSal Dyn technology.

August 2002

BioSal Dyn Composting technology for a project in London UK

May 2002

BioSal biofilter for the slaughterhouse from Ulm Germany

February 2002

production and delivery a exhaust air washer for the Korea Institute of Science and Technology

December 2001

completion the new BioSal-technikum in location Bad Lausick
expansion the research and test capacity

November 2001

Delivery of a compct plant for odor-air, existing out of biofilter and two-phase chemical washer, to Holland.

October 2001

use of the BioSal-DYN technology for contaminate grounds

August 2001

Delivery of a BioSal-DYN plant to Hungary for the Composting.

May 2001

successful participation at the international fair Envitec in Dusseldorf. For the first time we shows the public the new BioSal-DYN box, a plant for waste-treatment.

October 2000

very interesting performance of the BioSal-DYN technology for Europe on the fair “Pollutec” in Lyon (France)

July 2000

Successful commissioning of a BioSal-DYN 20 within the GRWOS project in England

June 2000

Presentation of dynamic-intensive rotting technology on ENTSORGA 2000 in Cologne

April 2000

Presentation of the new chemical-biological exhaust air treatment system on Kassel Abfallforum / Germany

February 2000

Order confirmation for manufacturing of 3 dynamic composting plants in Ireland