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BioSal Anlagenbau GmbH
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High-quality fertilizers from fish residuals  

At the Terra Tec trade fair in Leipzig the company BEV Sattler Umweltanlagenbau e.K. showed its aerobic procedure and the BioSal plant technology for the fermentation of fish residuals used in producing high-quality fertilizers.
After a length of stay of 7 days as well as sanitization and drying a high-grade fertilizer is produced, which is applicable for organic farming.
The exhaust air of the process is cleaned in a two step exhaust air treatment plant consisting of biofilter and scrubber.
The plant operates automatically with a process control (SPS) so that the personnel expenditure for operating the BioSal fermentation plant is very low.
Furthermore the BioSal-DYN reactors are used successfully in treating biowastes, municipal solid waste (MSW), and sewage sludge as well as manure.
Preliminary tests with customer specific wastes can be made with the appropriate plant technology in the BioSal testing centre in Bad Lausick, Germany.
The BioSal DYN plants are also available on a rental basis.
Apart from new openings and services for customers the Terra Tec was also used for finding further domestic and foreign licencees for the BioSal DYN

f 3 kammer

BioSal DYN reactor with three chambers

Befuellung mit Frisch-Fisch 3 Kammer-DYN
Loading of the BioSal-DYN reactor with fish residuals

Frisch Fisch im 3 Kammer DYN

Reaktor during the mixing phase

Fisch wird zu Duenger

Input material approximately 24 hours after filling

Fisch endprodukt

Fertilizer end product after sanitization