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BioSal Anlagenbau GmbH
Gewerbegebiet: An den Angerwiesen 6
D-04651 Bad Lausick
Tel:  ++49 (0) 34345-25151
Fax:  ++49 (0) 34345-25153
e-mail: info@biosal.eu.

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    Dynamic intensive-biological composting technology for waste treatment plants

  • Compact and future-oriented design
  • Low energy requirement by automatic plant operation
  • Reliable hygienisation and degration of biogen input material
  • Only 7 to 10 days intensive rotting time (in dependence on input material)
  • self-sufficient operability of each BioSal-DYN makes incremental plant investments possible depending on the required rotting volume
  • Integrability into existing plants or plant conception
  • High economicalness, also in case of low input amount
  • Planning-safe and future-guaranted plant conception
  • Use of a BioSal exhaust air treatment system, according to legal requirements and regulations